Recently Published Work

Jellyfish Review: (experimental essay) “In 2019 You Can’t Slap My Face With My Face”

The Matador Review: (poem) “When I Kissed a Young Branch with My Eye”

Heavy Feather Review: (poems) “Passover Lullaby for Elijah April 19th 2019 / Elegy for Chabad of Poway Synagogue April 27 2019” and “A Love Poem When the Government Conspires Against Us”

Juked: (micro-nonfiction) “The Heart Is Not a Metaphor When It Leaks”

The Rumpus: (nonfiction) "Inappropriate Shock"

Deluge Magazine: "The Wait Inside My Head Is Cold" and "Not Grounded Not Dead"

Gramma Daily: "We Could Have Gone On Forever" "Other Days" "I Am No Lady" and "You're the Worst Person to Fight With"

Queen Mob's Tea House: Danish translations of Theis Orntoft's "Once the dictator was a man..." "In a dream the streets brim with insects" "My morning in the upper strata of geology"

Prelude Magazine: Danish translations of "The sun lights up beautiful aliens" "Raining in the garden when I woke up"

The Atlas Review: Danish translations of Theis Orntoft's "The tap water tastes of chlorine"

Words without Borders: Danish translations of Theis Orntoft's "Let's say I download something in the black night"

Sixfinch: Danish translations of Theis Orntoft's "The history of the world"

The Fanzine: Danish translations of Theis Orntoft's "A drone's shadow across the geography" "Dreamt I walked out of the solar system" "Salt in the air" "Sitting in the chalky light listening to black metal"

Entropy Magazine: (nonfiction) "A Year to the Day: On Coltrane's A Love Supreme"

The Destroyer: from "The Ache the Ache"

Academy of American Poetry: "We crush apples in the dark" 

Boston Review: from "The Ache the Ache"

Poetry Society of America: "Call me a Grownup but my Five Eyes Blink at Once"

BOMB Magazine: from "The Ache the Ache"